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About Legal Brain

The life of a business lawyer in Romania is a life governed by challenges and rewards - in all cases, we have the law in mind and the clients at heart. The battle we fight every day is this: the world of business in Romania exists and struggles for expansion under the permanent stress of paradoxical forces - the need and want to thrive and the psychological burdens that are simply cultural in Romania, the sheer competitiveness and the hopelessness, the ambition and the lack of effectiveness.

Business lawyers are at the heart of all this struggle, because our mission is to alleviate this stress to the extent possible, by making the unknown known and the seemingly impossible potentially possible.

The Legal Brain looks at this strain that the Romanian business world faces and puts a foot in the door for the use of the businessman, trying to unravel the everyday paradox.

The Legal Brain blog is proudly powered by LC Legal Proof, Attorneys at law.


Our contributors have years of experience in the legal industry and are dedicated to providing up-to-date and comprehensive insights into a broad range of legal topics relevant for businesses in Romania.

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